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Material Alumina Al2O3Zirconia ZrO2Mixed oxides ZrO2/Al2O3Silicon carbide SICSilicon nitride Si3N4Boron nitrideMetal
Brief description Al2O3 purity 96%Al2O3
Mg-PSZ MgO partially stabilizedY-TZP Y2O3 partially stabilizedZrO2 particle-reinforcedAl2O3
SiSiC Si-infiltrated with 8-12% free SiliconSSiC sintered without free siliconHP SIC hot-pressed without free siliconHP SN hot-pressedSSN sinteredHP BN*
C-15* plain steel
Color whitewhiteyellowwhitewhitewhiteblackblackblackblackgreywhite-
Structural properties              
Open porosity%0000000000000
Average crystal sizeµm105500.70.70.51511055--
Mechanical properties              
Vickers hardness (HV10)MPa14001800120013001400170022002500250016001450190700
Compressive strengthMPa280028001600220021002600120022002900250025001601000
Flexural strengthMPa290340500100082060032042043085075070/30**450
Fracture toughnessMPam½-
Elastic modulus*GPa35038020020022036035041044032030030/25**210
Weibull modulus*-1010122020201210121815--
Poisson's ratio*-
Thermal properties              
max. Application temperature*
under protective gas
max. Application temperature*
in air
Specific heat at 20°CJ/Kg K9009005505006007009506501000750700-462
Thermal conductivity at 100°CW/mK25302262585759035353550
Coefficient of thermal expansion(20°C - 1000°C)10-6K-18.58.510.510.5994.
Thermal shock resistance*K180190260300300250400350450400450--
Electrical properties              
Volume resistivity at 20°CΩcm1014101410101091091090.210-1001021010101210140.0015
Volume resistivity at 400°CΩcm10111012104104104107-------
Volume resistivity at 1000°CΩcm1041071031031021050.050.20.2107107109-
Dielectric strengthkV/mm>18>25---------39-
Dielectric constant at 20°C and 1 GHz-89>20>20>20----2020--
Dielectric loss factor (tgΔ)
at 20°C and 1 GHz
Dielectric loss factor (tgΔ)
at 20°C and 10 kHz

Silicon carbide (SiC)

Values are benchmarks for easy comparison. Other materials on request

The hard, wear and high-temperature resistant tribological ceramic

SSiC – Sintered Silicon Carbide | SiSiC - Silicon Infiltrated Silicon Carbide


Silicon carbide exhibits numerous exceptional properties. Its unique potential for various applications is convincing: it is erodible, resistant to wear and corrosion up to the high-temperature range, has high thermal conductivity and is toxicologically harmless. SSiC exhibits impressive temperature shock resistance (ΔT 400K) and maximum use temperatures under protective gas (1,800°C).

Specific properties

Very high hardness
Very high thermal conductivity
Very high corrosion resistance up to the high-temperature range
Low density
Very good thermal shock resistance
Toxicologically harmless
Good sliding properties
Outstanding mechanical high-temperature properties


Glide bearings and glide rings
Dosing bushings and pistons
Shafts and shaft protection sleeves
Pump housings
Kiln furniture
Pump components