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Ceramics in motor engineering and motor sport

For a long time, it has been a dream of the future: today an increasing number of engineers make every effort to replace mechanical engine components exposed to high stresses with high-performance ceramics.

Some ceramic components have been successfully established in the car industry and are now used in large batch production mainly in the electrical engineering, fuel supply, exhaust gas system and brake sectors as well as in highly stressed components in motor engineering.

Compared to conventional metal parts, these components offer some significant advantages. This is the reason why we get involved in the development and manufacture of future-oriented components.


Test vehicles

We have been using engineered ceramic parts with high potential in our test vehicles for years now. First, their technological advantages and enhanced reliability are convincing. Second, we have gained experience and knowledge to offer competent consultancy and suggestions (impetus) to our customers.

This involves confidential components that are exposed to high stresses with different tasks to increase service lives, functional reliability and reduce friction losses or fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Today, we manufacture ceramic valves and valve gear components for motor sport, stationary large engines and special applications.

Compared to metal valves, silicon nitride valves have 60% less weight and elevated high-temperature strength and at the same time reduced heat capacity thus enhancing engine characteristics to a considerable extent.


Increased limit speed allows for enhanced performance


Reduced valve spring initial tensions and mechanical friction losses allow for less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions


Increased permissible valve acceleration with optimized cam profile allows for improved torque


The silicon nitride parts shown here have proven their functionality and durability in the most demanding mechanical and thermal conditions conveying a feeling of feasibility and strengthening your confidence in Technical Ceramics.